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Dance – Activities

Activities Work Samples
End of Stage 5
(end of Year 10)

Students perform a dance work demonstrating an application of technique and sustained performance quality to achieve an interpretation of a concept or intent. View...


Students brainstorm ideas about a given stimulus and convert these into movement ideas which are then refined to create a short dance. View...


Students will observe an excerpt of a dance work of art on video and use the notes they make to write a critical response. View...


Students select music and develop and perform phrases of movement to communicate the concept or intent within the context of a dance as an artform. View...


Students observe an excerpt of a dance work and write a critical response of about 300 words. View...


Students view a dance excerpt and prepare a safe dance practice report. View...


Students explore, apply and/or manipulate one aspect of the element of space to enhance their performance and interpretation of a choreographed dance. View...


Students will collaboratively plan a cohesive developmental warm-up. View...

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