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About the Foundation Statements

Foundation Statements have been written to help teachers manage the curriculum more effectively by describing clearly the statewide common curriculum requirements and prioritising what needs to be taught in all primary schools. They set out a clear picture of the knowledge, skills and understanding that each student should develop at each stage of primary school. They encompass, at a level broader than syllabus outcomes, the nature (key concepts and content) and scope (breadth, depth and rigour) of learning in Kindergarten to Year 6.

In addition to setting the common curriculum requirements for each Key Learning Area (KLA) in Kindergarten to Year 6, Foundation Statements assist K–6 teachers because they support sound assessing and reporting practices. The broad strands from the Foundation Statements, for each stage and each KLA, provide an organisational structure to support assessing and reporting.

For each key learning area, samples of student work are provided in this website to illustrate the quality of work typically produced by students who receive each grade. The collections of work samples associated with each grade illustrate the standards of the achievement of students in relation to the Foundation Statement for the key learning area.

Foundation Statements replace the Stage Statements in K–6 syllabuses.

View the NSW Primary Curriculum Foundation Statements (PDF Format, 12 pgs, 148 KB)

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